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Packing is and art which requires the appropriate materials and training. At Dolbec Moving & Transportation, our professional packers have the competence and know-how to do the job effectively and with the greatest of care.

Packing material

You can procure packing materials directly from us. For information on material cost, tips and advice on how to pack your goods, talk to one of our consultants.

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If you have us provide unpacking services, it will be done with an eye to your needs and requirements. Our employees will leave your home as clean as possible and will recuperate used packing materials.


Concerned about the environment, we recuperate our packing materials for re-use or for recycling.

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Crating services

We can make on request, custom made wooden crates or boxes for the protection of fragile articles, articles of great value, or simply to provide a more robust packing method according to customer requirements. Types of specific articles – marble slabs, glass table tops, paintings, antique furniture, grandfather clocks, etc...

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