Our ecological conscience

Thanks to decisions that were made by the company several years ago, Dolbec Moving & Transportation is a leader in the industry regarding respect for the environment.

In addition to contributing to the protection of the environment, these measures which include the efficiency of our transportation operations and the recuperation and recycling of waste materials, permits the company to realize substantial economies.

You will find below, some examples of our “green” thinking.

ecological transportationrecuperation

Greenhouse gases

Aware that its fleet emits greenhouse gases which contribute to global warming, Dolbec Moving & Transportation is part of the FleetSmart program of Natural Resources Canada.

FleetSmart is a program offered by Natural Resources Canada introducing fleets to energy-efficient practices that can reduce fuel consumption and emissions. Often these practices are simply small daily actions such as reducing idling time that will save fuel, money and lowering pollution.

Also, thanks to advanced routing management software, the number of our trucks that are on the road any given day to provide home delivery services is reduced by approximately 10%. The addition of GPS technology integrated with an onboard computer will soon offer a supplementary reduction in fuel usage for the entire fleet. This project is being developed in partnership with the Energy efficiency agency « l'Agence d’efficacité énergétique du Québec ».


The enterprise recycles cardboard, paper and plastic packing materials, as well as metals and it works together with its business partners and institutions in order to find outlets for these residues.