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Transportation of electronic equipment Medical Elevation

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Electronics / high-value transport

Dolbec Moving & Transportation is proud of its electronics transportation division well known for its know-how in the handling and transportation of high-tech equipment.

Our service covers the transportation of computers and related equipments, medical equipment and much more.

Electronics and high-tech transportation

Dolbec Moving & Transportation uses specialized teams and has the trucks and tools adapted for the transportation of high value products. Our movers can physically install or uninstall material such as:

  • Automatic teller machines, servers, UPS et data banks.
  • Photocopiers.
  • Medical equipment.
  • Computer equipment.
  • And more...

Related services

  • Logistics, management and inventory control.
  • Climate controlled transportation.
  • Blanket wrapped or cartoned
  • Complete physical installation of new equipment.
  • Removal or recuperation of used equipment from your customer. 
  • Disposal of recuperated equipment.

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