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commercial moving

Here are a few reasons why we are leader :

  • Our consultants are moving professionals. They will submit a written estimation of the project costs and help to coordinate the different stages of your relocation: planning, project management and supervision of the operations on site while the work is taking place..
  • Our employees have been trained especially for these types of projects.
  • Equipment of the highest quality is used to protect your sensitive goods adequately and we use rolling stock that is adapted to your needs and to the specifications of the different commercial buildings that we work out of.

Commercial moving

Whether your company is relocating next door or is undergoing a major shift to another part of the country Dolbec Moving & Transportation plans your movements with precision, efficiency and at the best possible cost.

Your materials will be packed and handled with the greatest attention. Once arrived at the destination, they will be unloaded with care, unpacked and installed according to your plans.

Our employees

We operate one of the largest departments of commercial moving in our industry. Our employees receive specialized training and our team leaders are able to interpret and execute interior layouts.

Our fleet

Our trucks and trailers are built with air-ride suspensions adapted for the moving industry and they come equipped with everything needed to load and handle the articles to be transported. Some of our units have hydraulic lifts, tilting platforms or elevating bodies to handle and lift the heaviest loads securely. Padded protective covers are available as needed to protect your furniture or fragile equipment. All vehicles have logistics attachment points and straps for an impeccable and secure move.

Our equipment

  • 2 wheeled hand trucks
  • 4 wheeled dollies of various types and cpacities
  • Wheeled shelving for file folders, books, etc.
  • Wheeled shelving for computers and accessories
  • Modular separator dollies
  • Plastic bins
  • Wheeled bins to handle various modular furniture parts

Packing and unpacking

We carefully pack all equipment and material to be transported. During the loading and unloading process, we adequately protect the flooring and the areas that are most at risk.

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Local relocations can be based on an hourly rate or a firm price. Our employees do quality work, without loss of time.

Protection (insurance for your goods)

Our insurance will protect you if there is loss or damage.

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Our evaluation service

Dolbec Moving & Transportation offers you the free services of a professional consultant. Call us or send a request by e-mail or fax. We will study your needs and transmit an estimation.


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